CONTACT: communication technologies & the spatiality of encounter, new performance practices in Chile



Sponsored by PSi (Performance Studies international) with Universidad de las Artes, Ciencia y Comunicación (UNIACC) and Centro Gabriela Mistral (GAM)

– Contemporary notions of space, communication and contact .
– Architectural notions of body and inhabitable space.
– Notions of scenic space, choreographic space, public and private, collective and individual space.
– Exploration of ideas in relation to architectural and spatial design and new technologies
– Exploration of space in relation to concepts of temporality. We understand space as a site of encounter and contact between people and places.
– Exploration of performance, performative and performativity (3 p) in different contexts.

WHEN? 26-27-28 April, 2012.

WHERE? @ GAM and UNIACC, Santiago Chile.
This event will establish a meeting point for Chilean artists and scholars, and PSi, one of the largest organizations in the world in the promotion and advancement of the field of performance studies and performance practice. This event, the first of its kind in Chile, will focus on the construction of an interdisciplinary field through the congregation of practitioners and theorists in the world of performance and related fields. Our attention will  be focused on the work of local, academic and professional artists dedicated to performance and  analysis study (in the broad sense of this term). The aim of this event is also to contribute toward the creation of a network of interaction with international experts and professionals in the field of performance from Chile.
The event will explore notions of spatial encounter, infrastructure and technology from different perspectives and disciplines, to help perceive, think, and project performance as well as the field of performance studies (hereby understood as a critical territory for integrated analysis) to propose new forms of research, both as practice and theory, both as intellectual activity and creativity. This event will be co-organized by Universidad de las Artes, Ciencia y Comunicación (UNIACC) and hosted by Centro Gabriela Mistral (GAM) in Santiago de Chile.

With the development of new communication technologies, a new sense of space is presented to us, and thus a new sense of contact and touch is set at a physical level (or haptic). A new sense of coming together, of connection and connectivity, as well as new ways of meeting and ‘practising space’ appears. Our approach is not limited to means of communication and intermediality only, but also and more specifically to technologies of contact space and coexistence, of encounter, the event that happens of/for communication, all of which are understood as synchronic performative events that occur intrinsically in a space. How is the space thought from this point of view? How can we understand and participate in the architecture and design of the spatial encounters we inhabit every day or we perceive as thought, without physical habitation? And within what manner of technological interface? What does it mean to say that the praxis of communication refers to the construction of a space? How can we think and develop artistic practices that provoke the encounter between people spreading the notion of participation to the rules of a design?
Technological contact creates a meeting point, sometimes virtual and constrained, which also opens up new possibilities for interaction and exchange. We notice here the emergence of new agents, new configurations, new “theatres”, new “audiences”. Likewise, new ways of understanding play and game appear in spaces designed technologically as spaces of flow and network. This, in turn, allows us to rethink the notion of performance and technology as inseparable to the constitution of a performative space, which in turn develops and changes as a result of technological innovation.
Technology also invites questions of identity in Latin America, as this field is also susceptible to a new understanding of technology, and the media used for its distribution (which contribute to the ordering of a system of hierarchical social and cultural organization). In order to explore these questions we are going to investigate the dynamics of change in Latin American society from the point of view of the transformation of communication technologies, and how these have become susceptible to shifting new media and new techniques, as well as the generation of new spatialities (tangible and intangible).
Some of the technologies that could be investigated in this conference as spatial connotations of performance could be (without being reductive): cellular technologies, online or web surfing; video and digital TV, as well as low-tech and, of course, transport technologies, understood in a broad spectrum. The articulation of the concept of performance and space, with changes in the technology of communication, its forms and materialities, will help us understand how we move according to this new law of connectivity, it will help us articulate and understand dynamics of social and cultural kinesis within more contemporary forms of the traffic of the human/ post-human, in order to project contact spaces where this Event happens, and thus further (dis)locate performance.
Finally, this conference will be a platform that will help local artists display their work and share their experiences with professional experts and international academics. Likewise, we invite international experts to participate in this event, and establish strong links with professionals in this region, to help promote the field of performance in Latin America and discover new decentered discourses and knowledge outside the established epistemologies and ontologies  performance. Our ultimate goal is to create solid and foundations necessary to put in place a Masters and PhD program in Chile (and other Latin American countries), to establish valuable academic and artistic ties with colleagues from around the world.

Rodrigo Tisi, Dean of the Faculty of art, design and architecture of the University of Arts, science and communication (UNIACC)
Email: Rodrigo.tisi@uniacc.CL

Nicolas Salazar-Sutil, Director Performance Studies international (PSi)
Email: n.Salazar@Surrey.AC.UK

Javier Ibacache, Director of programming and audiences Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (GAM)
Email: javieribacache@GAM.CL

Natalia Vargas, producer event PSi in Chile


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