Telecomunicaciones y tecnologías de contacto: tele-seminario
Este tele-seminario reunirá a cuatro eminentes investigadores y profesionales en el campo de performance digital. Su trabajo se focaliza en prácticas artísticas relacionadas con las telecomunicaciones y las tecnologías del contacto. Los cuatro presentadores llevarán a cabo una microlectura de entre 5 y 10 minutos a través de Skype. Una audiencia en vivo responderá a cada participante para luego, continuar el contacto a través de Twitter. El evento se llevará a cabo en la Universidad de las Artes, Ciencias y Comunicación (UNIACC) en Santiago, y desde ese lugar, en la fecha planeada, nos contactaremos con el mundo.

Tele-conferencia #1
Presenta: Johannes Birringer (en el Reino Unido). Brunel University. Performance, video and new media choreographer. Director of the Centre for Contemporary and Digital Performance.
Sound Choreographies and Performance Wearables: Although interest in wearable/mobile technologies in today’s world of social networks is increasing, the performing arts rarely integrate body-worn technologies into their dramaturgies. After some pioneering efforts in music and audio art, dance/ theatre practices now begin to rediscover performance design (a hundred years after constructivist & Bauhaus experiments) with “sounding” choreographies and gestural languages that extend the theatre as an instrument. Briefly refering to recent choreographic installations by the DAP-Lab, Birringer will discuss his sound-motion-design research, and reflect on notions of technology, gesture and touch in relation to body-worn technologies”
Responde: Daniel Cruz

Tele-conferencia #2
Presenta: Edward Scheer (en Australia). University of New South Wales. Deputy Head, School of The Arts and Media.
Professor Scheer will be revisiting work he explored in his edited book ‘Technologies of Magic’ (2006) in order to discuss the work of Australian performance artist Stelarc, especially his well-known suspension works of the 70s and 80s. This micro-lecture will also raise questions about connections and disconnections between the digital age in Stelarc’s relentlessly analogic assault on the body’s design parameters.
Responde: Sarah Ashford

Tele-conferencia #3
Presenta: Jason Nelson (en USA). Griffith University. Digital and hypermedia poet and artist. Director
“I’ll be creating a digital poem based on your words from the front page of the url you gave me. Indeed it will remix those words into a poetic context and then place those into an interactive net-artwork I’ll be building. In a way the work will be a performance of your written material, a rethinking, recontextualizing of the concepts. In some ways it will be a three part performance. Your original text (I’m assuming that is your text from the url) is the first stage, a singular bark into the wired world, the second is my reworking, taking the text apart and then recreating it through digital wonderments, with the third stage, the creation of a… well… a digital stage, where the user/reader becomes performer, adjusting what happens on the screen.”
Responde: Carolina Pino

Tele-conferencia #4
Presenta: Marlon Barrios Solano (en Berlín, Alemania) Creator of  //  y independent researcher/educator  and experimental producer.
Movement in the cloud:  embodied, networked and …out of control (case and Marlon Barrios Solano is the creator and producer of,, the dance-tech interviews and other online curatorial projects.  He shares his vision and experiences on the development of these platforms as a sustainable model of production, exchange and distribution of knowledge on contemporary interdisciplinary performance practices., .TV and .net emerged as networked educational collaborative projects exploring online technologies and the boundaries between bodies, countries, disciplines and organizations.  Bottom-up architectures of the new internet allow new collaborative social dynamics   with new hybrid open spaces for knowledge sharing, coordination of action, and social innovation.
Responde: María José Cifuentes



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